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50 Cent Best Friend

Yeah!It's my tape man, listen to my tape!

Chorus: (2x)
If I was your best friend, I want you 'round all the time
Can I be your best friend, if you promise you'll be mine
Please say he's just a friend now girl let's not pretend
Either he is or he ain't your man please say he's just a friend

If I was your best friend

First we get the talkin, then we get the touchin
If we get pass the phone games we'll be fuckin
I kiss like the french therefore my tongue in your ear
Do it like the dogs do it girl and pull on your hair
For me a different scenery just mean a different position
In the tub or on the sink I improvise now listen
In the chopper or on the jet join the mile high club
I'm no fool I know money can't buy me love
But I'm a different type of nigga that make sure that you know
Instead of a rose, there's a hundred dozen of those
See I see somethin special when I look in your eyes
With your legs way back I see this pussy is mine
If you ain't sure when I'm talkin I don't tell you no lies
But there's things that you say that have me wonderin why
When I don't say what I'm thinkin it don't mean that I'm shy
Got on that shit you picked out for me that's why I'm so fly

Chorus (2x)
If I was your best friend

While you in your bubble bath I'll come wash on your back
When you puttin on your lotion I can help you with that
I sit and think of things to say that may make you smile
Or give you gifts from my heart to reflect my style
Or slang I use when we build may change how you talk
And if I'm focused while I'm strokin I could change how you walk
There's a swagger that you calm but when you come from New York
I'm a hustler I just hustle in the things that I bought
Separate me from the rest, I feel like I'm the best
If there's a price to pay for feelin you I pay that twice
I'm as ghetto as it gets girl you know that's right
I ain't got nothin to hide baby I tell you my secrets
'Fore you end up bein 'round long enough to peep shit
I get closer to you, I mean closer than close
I get into you, after I take off my clothes
Girl I been into you, mentally long before

50 Cent God gave me style

God gave me style
God gave me grace
God gave me style
God gave me grace
God put a smile on my face
Haha, God put this smile on my face
God made me shine like the sun
God make me shine like the sun
Sometimes I feel like I'm the one
Sometimes I feel like I'm the one
It ain't my fault

I just reach for style, I'm hot I breaks it down
It ain't my fault, you can't break it down the way I break it down

[Verse 1- 50 Cent]
Listen you can call me what you want, black and ugly
But you can't convince me the Lord don't love me
When my cds drop, they sell the best
You call it luck, why can't it just be I'm blessed
I'm a trackstar, runnin' through life, chasin' my dream
?? I may even trade in a mic in for a triple beam
I zone off thinkin' is there really heaven or hell
So what happens to a changed man who dies in a cell
I need no answers to these questions, cuz time will tell
Got a date with destiny, she's more than a girl
Don't much good come from me, but my music
Is a gift given from God so I'ma use it (Yeaaah!)


I just reach for style, I'm hot I breaks it down
It ain't my fault, you can't break it down the way I break it down

[Verse 2- 50 Cent]
Some days, I'm in the crowd all by myself
Bunch of niggas around I'm still by myself
I'm drink off in the crowd, by myself
Thinkin' bout nothin' more than life, what else
These days its hard to tell who really cares for me
So you when hear this song, you should say a prayer for me
I put a message in my music, hope it brightens your day
If times are hard, when you hear it, know you'll be okay
A O.G. told me God's favorites have a hard time
You out the hood, that's good now stay on the grind
I'm a spunge, knowledge and wisdom, my ?? off fast
I'm in a class by myself, you do the math


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